Author: Lauren Fleiser

Lauren is the creator of The Collective Organisation: content, events, training, consulting, books and co-learning on all types of boundary spanning innovation including cocreation, open innovation, corporate innovation and collaborative innovation.


In an evolving multi-stakeholder-ecosystem-economy, many are finding that currently available legal structures (both profit and not-for-profit) are not serving us…

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How to Shift Your Default Mindset to an Ecosystem Mindset

Developing an ecosystem mindset is not as simple as learning how to trust, we must also overcome the limiting beliefs…

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How to Orchestrate a Successful Innovation Ecosystem

Organisations that choose to orchestrate ecosystems will reap the benefits of being at the heart of an industry-shifting solution, or…

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Co-innovating Products: Who should own the IP rights?

If one party is seen to be controlling too much of the IP rights in collaborative innovation, the other parties…

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Time to Stop Watering Down Open Innovation

Open innovation needs to urgently be appreciated as an innovative and constantly evolving approach to organising people, business and society…

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