About this Short Course

As an experienced expert in the field, I will share cocreation and open innovation strategies, structures processes and techniques that I have been mastering for the last 4 years for you to apply in your own organisation.


To set up or improve upon cocreation, collaborative innovation and open innovation practices in your organisation. To establish strategies, structures and processes that will enable shared resources, shared innovation and shared value creation for your stakeholders. To develop leadership skills to lead and manage cocreative projects, including product cocreations. 

Who should attend?

Executives, Managers, Leaders, Intrapreneurs and Entrepreneurs looking to cocreate / collaboratively innovate / openly innovate products and processes with their customers, partners and team members ensuring shared value creation for all involved. Also highly suitable for Product Heads, Innovation Heads, Strategy Heads, Talent Heads, Product Managers and similar roles.


  • Develop a cocreation strategy, structure and process that will enable the cocreation of innovative products and processes in your organisation.
  • Formulate ways to attract, retain and reward the right cocreators including relevant employees, partners, customers and external team members.
  • Transform your organisation into an agile, boundary spanning ecosystem of role-players with shared value creation for all.
  • Apply cocreative leadership skills including but not limited to agile leadership, enabling leadership and value contributing leadership.

Module Breakdown

Module 1 (Week 1) - Becoming a Cocreative Leader

Cocreative Leadership is an important new leadership skill. The Cocreative Leader is not afraid to work freely across organisational boundaries and enable their teams to do the same. The cocreative leader knows how to blur organisational roles to ensure shared value creation, connection and contributions.

  • Develop the mindset of an openly innovative leader.
  • Discover the power of value contributing leadership and value contributing teams.
  • Explore best practice in leading a cocreation project, including a product cocreation.
  • Originate cocreation project ideas for your organisation.

Module 2 (Week 2) - Cocreation Strategies

Cocreation is fast becoming a current, relevant version of strategic thinking. This is because it enables your organisation to work in a far more agile manner than ever before, at a lower cost than traditional strategies and with much higher team engagement levels.

  • Discover types of cocreation and open innovation strategies.
  • Analyse the strategic benefits and risks of cocreation for your organisation.
  • Enable the alignment of your cocreation / open innovation strategies with your own organisational strategy, vision and mission.
  • Develop a suitable cocreation strategy for your organisation.

Module 3 (Week 3) -Structures & Enabling Environments for Cocreators

Establishing the right environments and boundary spanning structures for your organisation is necessary to avoid cocreative efforts falling flat or feeling blocked.

  • Explore leading examples of cocreation platforms and spaces, both online and face to face.
  • Discover the links between cocreation environments and cocreation structures.
  • Design a cocreation structure suitable for your organisation, its cocreation environments and its cocreators.
  • Enable flexibility and agility within your cocreation structure.

Module 4 (Week 4) - Steps in a Cocreation Process

A well-led cocreation can produce a revolutionary, revenue generating product, service or innovative way of doing things. This module outlines the steps you need to follow to lead a successful cocreation project.

  • Identify the purpose of your cocreation project/s.
  • Determine the internal scope of a cocreation project.
  • Establish initial cocreator teams.
  • Develop a roadmap of your cocreation project.

Module 5 (Week 5) - Leading & Managing Cocreation Teams

Attracting and retaining the right cocreators is essential. Keeping cocreators motivated requires a different approach to traditional employee motivation. This module will also teach you how to reward each type of cocreator.

  • Classify different types of individual and organisational cocreators.
  • Build effective and efficient cocreation teams.
  • Develop an approach to attract, retain and motivate all your cocreators.
  • Design reward mechanisms for different types of cocreators.

Module 6 (Week 6) - Building your Cocreation Ecosystem

Your cocreation ecosystem consists of your employees, your leaders, your partner organisations, your customers and other internal and external team members. Specific skillsets are required to institute and strengthen this type of complex ecosystem.

  • Establish your organisation at the heart of a cocreation ecosystem.
  • Determine links between cocreation elements in your ecosystem.
  • Diagram the ideal cocreation ecosystem for your organisation.
  • Develop ways to keep your cocreation ecosystem engaged.

Integrated Application (Weeks 7 and 8)

Apply your cocreation strategy, structures, processes and techniques to a new or current cocreation project/s and ecosystem/s in your organisation. Ask the experts your questions as you go.

Programme Details 3


Online Short Course


8 weeks

Registration Ends:

3 September 2021

Start Date:

7 September 2021


R11 499pp excluding VAT

Weekly Hours:

4 to 6 hours (2 hours online per week, plus application based activities). Live online learning is conducted on Tuesdays from 17h00 – 19h00 GMT +2 with recordings made available to registrants. 

Your Lead Facilitator - Lauren Fleiser

Lauren is the creator of The Collective Organisation, a platform and content where the latest insights on practical cocreation and open innovation insights are shared. She is the originator of the innovative 'Value Contributor' Methods specifically designed for cocreated projects and products. Lauren is a leading expert on all things cocreation and open innovation for corporates and startups. She is the author of 'The Collective Organisation' , a concept she lives and breathes each day which introduces the ultimate solutions to boundary spanning challenges. Lauren is a co-owner in a cocreated tech startup in the education industry. She has a BCom, MBA and is an Internationally Qualified Trainer.