Author: Lauren Fleiser

Lauren is the creator of The Collective Organisation: content, events, training, consulting, books and co-learning on all types of boundary spanning innovation including cocreation, open innovation, corporate innovation and collaborative innovation.

Cocreating Education

A national cocreation project  enabling the future readiness of our children ages 5 -17 through bespoke developmental choices.  Cocreators on…

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Co-creation vs Collaboration

The word ‘co-creation’ has the word ‘create’ in it. This implies that the end result of a co-creation process is…

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7 New Ways to Reduce Employee Costs

Cutting down on training and implementing retrenchments are quick and easy short term fixes to our cost reduction problems when…

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New Revenue Streams driven by your Teams

Often it’s us as leaders that bear the great burden of having to drive new forms of revenue for our…

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7 New Ways to Lead an Organisation

Traditional business paradigms are no longer relevant – and therefore nor are the traditional ways we were taught to lead.

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