Learn & Apply the New Rules of Engagement for Boundary Spanning Innovation

Collaborative Innovation Challenges Solved


Playing on the new Innovation Spectrum

Where should you play –  Individual product cocreation projects through to full open innovation ecosystems. 


Innovation Structures

Set up and improvement of the right innovation structures and rules of engagement for co-innovators. 


Sharing of IP

Models and methods to share in intellectual property of co-developed outputs. 


Incentivizing Co-Innovators

Attract, retain, motivate and fairly reward the people & organisations who contribute their value to joint innovation. 


Managing Co-Resources

Methods that get the most out of organisations and individuals innovating together across boundaries.


Open Innovation Insights

Expert content and events on overcoming new challenges faced by openly innovative models. 

Meet the Team

Leading Experts

Fully immersed in the world of cocreation, open innovation, corporate innovation, boundary spanning teams and new product and process development.

Solutions to new Challenges

Creators of the 'Value Contributor Methods' that attract and fairly reward co-innovators.

Ongoing Research

Latest insights from practical journeys in open innovation, cocreation, corporate innovation, collaborative innovation and similar models.

Community Leaders

Growing a community of cutting edge innovators who also share boundary spanning innovation insights.

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